About Us

Paulo Simon Ohm

I’m the founder of Washwow.
Long bothered by inconvenience, clothes spoiling, and chemical residue with traditional wash machine, our team wants to create a new portable wash machine to solve the problems by using water electrolysis.
That is the original idea of Washwow.
When we are doing the project, we planed a noble metal making chemical effect with water in positive and negative pole. We have tested and redesigned for many times and finally provide you with the present washwow.

Our Belief & Story

We don’t compromise on details.
We look into every small step, improve and re-work, striving for perfection.
The development process has no guaranteed results and it requires a lot of iterations, trials and errors, testing.
All these are combined with even more efforts, resources, dedication and nerves from the founding teams.
After every modification we must conduct numerous tests for cavitation, durability and system heat management which is an extensive and time consuming process.
So we are immensely grateful for your amazing support over all this time.
It's been invaluable during our journey and we would never have gotten this far without you!

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